Place of Birth: Atbara, Sudan

Date of Birth: 7th March,1959 



1976 – Completed Secondary School in Sudan.

1982 – Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), Alexandria UniversityGraduated with High Distinction average.

1983 – Certificate in Computer Studies Achieved a Master Degree in Church History (College of Coptic Studies), Cathedral of St Rewis, Cairo.Graduated with first class honours.Currently undertaking a PhD dissertation on “The relation between the Mother Church in Egypt and the Coptic Church in Sudan”. 


Served as a Sunday school teacher at St Mark & St George’s Coptic Orthodox Church in Sudan.

Served as a Sunday School Teacher at St Takla Hemanout Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria


5/10/98 – 23/10/98 Completed a Course in Church Management (Part1) (CORAT AFRIACA ORG) (organised by Sudanese Council of Churches).

23/11/99 – 15/12/99 5/10/98 – 23/10/98 Completed a Course in Church Management (Part 2) (organised by Sudanese Council of Church.

8/5/2000-12/5/2000 Completed a Course in Gender Awareness (organised by Sudanese Council of Churches in incorporation with the Norwegian church in Sudan.

17/12/1999 – 19-12/1999 Completed A course in Financial ManagementOrganised the 1st Workshop in Church Management after translating the course into Arabic during the period 15/1/1999 – 20/1/1999 at the present time I was General Vicar of the Diocese of Sudan and Affiliated Regions.I have also translated the course of Church Management (Part 2), Financial Management, and Gender Studies into Arabic. 

I was a Member in the Executive committee of the Sudanese Council of Churches in 1995 – 2000. During that period I was chairman of the Financial Committee and Chairman of the donation Committee.

I was a member in the executive committee of U.R.M. a branch of the International Council of Church’s in Sudan. 1996- 1999.

I represented Sudan in 3 global meetings in Atlanta with the United Nations in the Period 31/5/1997 – 4/6/1997 and in Cameron in October 1998, Lebanon October 1999Attend a meeting comprising Sudanese Council of Churches and the New Council of Churches in Sudan and Council of Norwegian Churches in Tanzanian in June 1999. During the meeting I attended a course in Conflict Management.


Member of the Sudanese Engineering Association. Registered as member in 4/6/1997Permanent member of the Sudanese Engineering Council since July 1997.


I was ordained as a monk 5/8/1984 with the Name the Fr. Mettaous El-Antony in St Anthony’s Monastery Red Sea, Egypt.

I was ordained a monk by the hands of:

HG Bishop Rewis (General Bishop)

HG Bishop Fam (Bishop of Tema)

HG Bishop Bimwa (Bishop of the Monastery of St George)

HG Bishop Discoros (General Bishop).


I was ordained a priest on the 6/2/86 with the Name Rev. Fr. Mettaous El-Antony in the Monastery of St Bishoy by His Holiness Pope Shenouda III Pope and Patriarch of the See of St Mark.Hegomen (Proto-Priest)I was ordained a Hegomen on Palm Sunday 1987 with the name of The Very Reverend Fr Mettaous El-Antony in the Cathedral of St Mary in Khartoum.

I was ordained by the Hand of His Eminence Metropolitan Daniel (God Rest His Soul).


Served in the Cathedral of St Mary’s in Khartoum since Feb- 1986General Vicar of the Diocese of Khartoum and Affiliated Regions from the 5/6/997 – 20/5/2000I was responsible for preaching the Nubian orthodox in the Nubian Mountains, (West of Sudan) and I visited Nubian Mountains on the request of His Eminence Metropolitan Daniel (God Rest His Soul) 29/11/1998 – 15/121998. I wrote a detailed report on the service of Nubian Mountains and its enormous population. 


Fluent Arabic and English.Fluent in Coptic.

Good command of Nubian.Ireland, Scotland, and U.K.

I served with HG Bishop Antony Bishop of Ireland Scotland and U.K. in the church of St George and Pope Athanasious in Newcastle.

I successfully completed a course specialising in the U.K. Newcastle Database.

I served as General Vicar for the Diocese of Ireland, Scotland, and U.K. from 24/6/2000 – 18/6/2002 BISHOPOn the 23/6/2002 – Current I was ordained Bishop for Sydney and its Affiliated Regions by the Holy Hand of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, Pope and Patriarch of the See of St Mark with the new Name of Bishop Daniel.

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